WWMC Report on Boat Access

The Wabamun Watershed Management Council has released a report on Boat Access on Wabamun Lake.

Over the last few years, the number of boats using Wabamun Lake has increased significantly. With only two established boat launches, there can be a lot of congestion at these sites on summer weekends, as well at numerous casual launch sites around the lake. The following message from WWMC Board Chair Stan Franklin describes the issue and what is being done about it: … Read More Here

One Comment on “WWMC Report on Boat Access”

  1. If the county would dredge a bit of the muck out of the way at the Rich’s ramp and Rizzie boat launch it would probably be good enough for anything but a cruiser. There used to even be concrete blocks if I recall, which are now buried under all the silt. Wouldn’t take much to dredge a couple feet down, out a ways past the pier??

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