Wabamun Sailing Club


Listen up wise guys, da boss has commanded that all family and associates meet at the usual spot for the annual meeten, so pack up yer tommy guns an yer bootleg gin and head out to the club for a week of sailing and games.

Sail Week 2016: a Mafia-themed week. From July 18 to 22 there’ll be a little bit of gangster action on the shores of Wabamun. Think Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel, cement overshoes and swimming with the fishes except with a nice pancake breakfast, sailboats and ice cream. You get the picture!

We’ll have the usual assortment of activities. Bocce and pickle ball for all to try out, Olympics and of course Ma Hadley’s famous ice cream (available on Friday as well)  Any unresolved bocce or pickle ball matches will be played on Thursday evening and will not involve someone getting “whacked”.

Volunteer sign-up sheets will be posted Monday morning for meal setups and cleanup, as well as a sign-up for spaghetti and meatball night on Thursday.

The Junior Sailing schedule for Sail Week can be found on the NASC website below. According to a certain someone there are only a few spots left however.

Adult sailing lessons can also be arranged by contacting NASC.

Go to for more information.

The full schedule will come out next week. See you all at Sail Week.

Cheers!  Gord “im not a real gangster I just found this fedora” Shepherd