Report on 2022 SGM

At the Special General Meeting held on Nov 19, 2022, two items were dealt with:

1. The slate of officers for the 2023 WSC Executive Committee as recommended by the WSC Nominating Committee was approved, and consists of:
Commodore: Tim Harris
Vice-Commodore: Jill Weiss
Rear-Commodore: Frank Grell
Fleet Captain: Russel Krause
Shore Captain: Brian Mark
Treasurer: James Brown
Secretary: Jordyce van Muyden
Membership: Rob Woods
Volunteer Coordinator: Dick Stroud
Member at Large: Trevor Peterson

Thanks to all the above for volunteering their time and energy to help run our club!
The Commodore took the opportunity to thank outgoing members of the executive for their time and efforts over the past many years:
Judy Townsend: Outgoing Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Bugiak: Outgoing Membership Chair
Rick Stroppel: Outgoing Rear-Commodore

At the risk of missing some people, the Commodore also thanked many other members who contribute a lot of time and energy to our club:
Halie Mark, WSC Sailing School Manager
Bruce Barss, Communications
Wanda Bornn, Marketing
Derrick Hiltz, Cadets
Lori Jones, Club Manager
And all the volunteers who helped run our regular and special events throughout the year.

2. Spending was approved up to $35,000 to purchase a coach boat, motor, and trailer for the WSC sailing school.
The background to this is that the Wabamun Sailing Club was successful with a Community Initiative Program (CIP) Project-Based Application to assist with the Wabamun Sailing Club School programming costs. CIP Grants are administered through Alberta Culture. WSC appreciates their support for developing sailing programs in Northern Alberta. The grant was approved for $44,900. Many thanks to Wanda Bornn for leading the application submission and follow-up with the government, and to Halie Mark for helping pull the application together!

The CIP grant is a matching grant. The funds that WSC contributed to match the CIP $44,900 consisted of revenues from the sailing school, funding of operational costs to operate the Sailing School, funding provided through the Danny Sorochan Endowment Fund, and eligible volunteer effort valued in dollars. Funds must be used for purposes described in the grant application.

One of the important needs identified in the grant application was an inflatable rib boat, which is better suited for coaching, instruction, and safety for a sailing school than our current hard sided whalers. The grant budget for the inflatable Rib boat was $32,200 [Fareast 480 Rib Coach boat with trailer and Yamaha motor, as recommended by Sail Canada]. To support the purchase of a rib boat, the motion is to approve $35,000 to purchase the boat with motor and trailer. While the Sail Canada recommended boat was used for the grant application, the Executive will use its discretion to purchase that specific boat, or an equivalent make and model that meets the requirements of the Wabamun Sailing School.