Thursday Night Fun Racing

Yes, Thursday Night Sailing is on for yet another year.

It has been pointed out to me that last year’s sailing was not conducted with the same high level of wind control that everyone has grown to expect. For some reason three or four weeks of no wind followed by a lightning storm didn’t go over as well as I had anticipated. I apologize for that and want to let everyone know that I have booked a summer of the old five to ten knots of steady wind accompanied by pleasant temperatures and sunshine for the coming year. This past Thursday we missed a lovely night by as little as one hour. Obviously some fine tuning is in order, or the wind gods simply didn’t view the attendance as acceptable.

As in the past, dinner for the Triple Tooney Thursday meal will once again be served between 5:30 and 6:30 pm followed by an excellent FUN series of three races, starting at 7 pm (all times are subject to +/- thirty minutes or so, variability depending on the whim of management). The Bear in the Woods handicap system will remain as our standard handicapping process. Time reduction will be considered for especially colourful sail wear and as always complimenting the race management people will certainly work in your favour.

Let’s make an effort to get more fleets out this year! This is a great opportunity to do a little boat on boat tuning, especially for those funny two sail boats like the Fireballs, 505’s, Tasars etc.

This year as a special feature, we are going to introduce two never seen before boats exclusively on Thursday nights. Pictures are not allowed, of course, so if you want to see them you have to come out. We also hope to see more of something rarely seen at Thursday sailing: a boat that requires two hulls in order to sail. Rumours are rampant that point toward these “normally” hearty sailors as being overwrought with fear brought about by the Wall of Shame disciplinary process.

All we need is your involvement, so let’s get out there, people, and enjoy a little laughter, a little harassment and a whole lot of fun on the water. Note: if you are a top notch, highly competitive, extremely serious, by the book kind of sailor – stay home!