Sail Week update (August 10-14)

We are keeping the fees the same again this year, for individuals, family, and instruction ($175, available for members only this year). In order to plan for activities and things like Mae’s Ice Cream, please go into ivolunteer and sign up for that week. Coaching will be available for members during the races. Online pre-registration is available on the members portion of our website. This will be separate from the ivolunteer requirement.

2 Comments on “Sail Week update (August 10-14)”

  1. iVolunteer does not seem to have any categories to register in.
    What does the $175.00 fee include? When are the lessons and coaching? What are members signing up for other than ice cream? Is coaching available in the regatta races or daily through the week? Will the lesson’s or coaching provide any sailing certification? What is the limit on the number of members in the lessons? Will there be any special allowance for camping on site?

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