RV Stalls – Can We Share?

RV Stalls

Are you an RV stall occupant and willing to lend your RV and/or your RV stall?

Do you need to bump up your usage of your RV stall?

Are you going to be away for a time this season when you could let someone else park in your stall or use your RV? Even for just a weekend?

If you don’t have friends or family that would use it, we would like to match you up with members who would like to camp at the Club, but do not have an RV stall.

Please email Jordyce van Muyden at secretary@wabamunsailingclub.ca with any dates you would be willing to loan your RV or stall.

Are you an Active Member wishing you could camp in an RV or bring your own to the club on occasion?

Would you like to have your name on a list to call if current RV stall occupants are able to lend out their RV or stall? Please email Jordyce (see above).

There are a few cottages in the neighbourhood who might be willing to let someone park an RV on their lot from time to time. Your Executive will not approach cottage owners on your behalf, but we can help you decide who to ask. Please get in touch with Lori Jones at membership@wabamunsailingclub.ca or anyone on the executive if you would like assistance.

There will be limited parking permitted for RV’s in the visitor stalls during regattas.