Wabamun Spring Training Camp

When: May 20-23 2017 9:00 AM, MDT

ASA Coaches will be providing spring training
Take your skills to the next level with this 3 day training camp.

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Junior Sailing

The goal of the Junior Sailing Program is to teach Club member children, 8 to 12 years old, beginner and intermediate sailing skills, boat handling, safety and an introduction to sail boat racing. The program typically runs for 7 to 8 Saturdays throughout the summer, with beginner classes in the morning and intermediate classes in the afternoon.

The 2015 Junior Sailing schedule is listed in the calendar of events. Contact the Junior Sailing Coordinator for more information.

Youth Sailing

The goal of the Youth Sailing Program is to encourage and support safe, competitive sail boat racing opportunities to all Club member youth from 13 to 17 years old. Graduate sailors from the Junior Sailing program are encouraged to attend. The program could include Green Fleet, Alberta Sailing training events, regattas at WSC or other sailing clubs across Alberta. Contact the Junior Sailing Coordinator for more information.

Sail Training Program

This year, we have worked hard to provide our WSC sailors with a comprehensive sail training program. This has included:

  • Class Strategy Session with Lawrence Lemieux (April 8 – great success);
  • ASA Workshop May 20-22;
  • August 15-18 training session, before Canadian Laser Masters;
  • Sail week – sail training by Barry Tee;   and,
  • 5 Saturday training sessions.

The five Saturday training sessions will be coached by either Krzysztof Machnowski or Lauri Kalkkinen (ASA coach).  Krzysztof  was an international level sailor and coach. Lauri coached in Geneva, Switzerland (Société Nautique de Genève) and is a Swiss Army Veteran.
The morning class will be Blue Fleet and the afternoon class will be Green Fleet.
The 2017 Saturday training dates are as follows:

  • June 17;
  • (June 24 rescheduled to July 30)
  • July 29 and 30;
  • August 26; and,
  • September 9.

WSC can offer the following pricing:

  • 4-5 classes – $25 per class;
  • 2-3 classes – $30 per class; and,
  • 1 class – $35.

Before May 22, 2016, please register and pay online at:
Registration Page
We cannot proceed unless payments are made in advance.
For those who are uncertain into which training fleet they belong, the WSC sail training levels are as follows:

Green Fleet

  1. Balance in sail boat.
  2. Effectively execute  different points of sail:
    • Identify wind angles;
    • Trim sail and other boat adjustments  to maximise lift (e.g. Close haul, beam reach, broad reach);
  3. Feel comfortable in boat:
    • never over-heeled;
    • Identify gusts;
    • read approaching wind on water
  4. Manoeuvre boats to avoid slow down (e.g. release main sheet and sail adjustments)
  5. Basic technique of sailing manoeuvres.
  6. Understand basic racing rules.

Blue Fleet

  1. Proper technique of sailing manoeuvres;
  2. Understand racing rules;
  3. Develop strategies and tactics;
  4. Think ahead concerning wind and  boat encounters
  5. Proper decision making during races.


On Saturday mornings, when we have no scheduled coaching with Lauri or Krzysztof, nor a WSC regatta, the traditional 9:30 Saturday morning green fleet practice will continue.  A WSC senior sailor provides the coaching.  WSC sailors  at any sailing level are welcome at no cost.  The 2017 dates for these sessions are as follows:

June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
August 5
Sept 16
Sept 23
Sept 30

Northern Alberta Sailing College
Alberta Sailing
Sail Canada

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