Our Board

The Wabamun Sailing Club is managed by a volunteer board of directors, commonly known as the Executive. This board is elected annually during a Special Meeting at the Commodore’s Awards. The WSC Executive is a working board and each member has defined tasks and also oversees volunteer committee members.

2017 Executive Flag Officers:
Commodore -Ken Lummis
Vice Commodore – Lori Jones
Rear Commodore – Derrick Hiltz
Fleet Captain – Stacey Gibb
Shore Captain – Neil Dickey

Secretary – Jordyce van Muyden
Treasurer – Tim Harris
Membership Chairs – Fred Hadley/Judy Townsend
Volunteer Coordinator – Rob Legate
Member at Large – Glynis Dorey

2017 Committee Chairs:
Club Archivist – Mae Hadley
Capital Planning Committee- Randy Diamond, John Henoch, Tim Harris
Communications – Bruce Barss
Equipment Manager – vacant
Junior Sailing – Ken Lummis
Mainsheet Editor – Bruce Barss
Sailweek Coordinator – Marguerite Childs/Barb Flowers